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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are Steadiblocs strong enough for my corner steadies?
A. The AL-KO standard corner steadies are rated at 800kg and the heavy duty steadies at 1,000kg. AL-KO expect the normal loading to be about 500kg. Steadiblocs have been tested at over 2,000kg.

Q. Will the steady slip off the Steadibloc?
A. Because the loading will be perpendicular to the ground, providing the corner steady is tensioned and positioned correctly, the steady will not slip off the Steadibloc.

Q. Why shouldn’t I keep to using bits of timber?
A. Wooden blocks are heavier than Steadiblocs and tend to get heavier as they soak up water, even if they are maintained with paint or varnish and they take up much more room. Furthermore, Steadiblocs look nicer

Q. Why is the Steadibloc not coloured green or grey to be unobtrusive?
A. Steadiblocs will stand out against most surfaces and so are less likely to be lost. They look nice as well.

Q. Do I only need two Steadiblocs?
A. Steadiblocs are designed to be used on sloping pitches which means that one end of the caravan will be close to the ground with the opposing steadies requiring the Steadiblocs. Steadiblocs may be used two high if the pitch is particularly steep or where the ground is undulating.

TIP: you can attach a pair of Steadiblocs together using the elastic bands or a large binder clip.(See photos)

Q. Will Steadiblocs go brittle after long exposure to sunlight?
A. Steadiblocs are made from polypropylene, which does not degrade under ultra-violet light to any great degree.

Q Can I use Steadiblocs if I have spreader plates attached to the steadies?
A Yes you can, Steadiblocs are designed to be used with or without spreader plates.

Q Can I use Steadiblocs just as spreader plates on soft ground?
A Yes, but use them in pairs with the slots opposite each other so as not to bend the elements. An elastic band will keep them together.


Should you have any futher questions about steadibloc or our related products please use the contact page.